Delcasa 8Pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set Silver,Cookware Set, Deluxe Quality Stainless Steel, Casserole, Stock Pot, Saucepan, Fry Pan | Induction Safe | Oven Safe | Dishwasher Safe

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Delcasa Stainless Steel 3 PC Casserole + 1 Saucepan Set with Lids

Delcasa Stainless Steel 3 PC Casserole + 1 Saucepan Set with Lids and a Serving Spoon. A healthy way of cooking Delcasa Smart casserole pots & spoons is a healthy alternative to traditional pots which lets you enjoy beautiful cooked meats and vegetables. Non-Stick Stylish Saucepan for Ultra Cooking Performance Enhance your kitchen with the Delcasa cookware set of pots and a Serving Spoon, featuring unique non-stick professional quality cookware designed for optimum cooking performance at home. Enjoy meals without food sticking to the pot or spoon during cooking. With less oil or residue, they are delightfully easy to clean which is ideal for active cooks and busy kitchens. Great for modern living, preserves better over time compared to standard metal cookware, so they will still look and feel fresh even after daily use. Ideal for Healthy Cooking Requiring little to no oil thanks to its non-stick coating, these saucepan is ideal for creating healthy, low-oil alternatives to a variety of meals. Ease of use with close fitting toughened stainless steel lid, you can control your cooking to ensure no messy spills and complete cooking convenience. Tough Stainless Steel Lid A close-fitting, toughened lids lets you seal heat, juices, flavors and nutrients inside the pots.

Delcasa Stainless Steel 3 PC Casserole + 1 Saucepan Set with Lids


3PC CASSEROLE + 1 SAUCEPAN POT & A SERVING SPOON - Set Includes 3 Pc Stainless Steel casserole pots with Lids and a Serving Spoon. Ideal for cooking classics like Sausage and Bean Casserole or Chicken Chasseur.

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